10 accessories all Fitness Buffs need for their workout

Whether you run, walk, cycle, work out at the gym or combine a bit of each, there are fitness accessories that you can use to keep you comfortable. and boost the outcome of your workouts. Looking good while you work out is a bonus too.

Do you like or need to have your phone close when cycling? Clip an iPhone holder on your bike and keep it close. Just be careful when cycling on the road.

You need to keep warm if you are out walking or running in cold weather. Hats do that but they also leave you in a sweat. A comfortable and breathable headband works better and it easily fits over a ponytail.

Shake up a pre or post workout protein shake, smoothie, green juice or other drink fast. Blend and go with a blender with a bottle-to-go jar.

Having to change gloves when you are running to work your iPod or check mileage on your smartphone interrupts your concentration and momentum. Workout gloves that keep your fingers dry and give you hassle-free touchscreen operations take care of that dilemma.

Track your progress with a watch that will measure and record your distances, speed, time, calories burnt and other measures of the effectiveness of your workouts. Keep going to the rhythm even under water with waterproof headphones.

Water sports means having to waterproof your things. Before diving in, protect your iPod in a waterproof iPod case.

You need to protect your hands when you are lifting weights at the gym and working up a sweat on the rowing machine and other equipment. Look good working out and keep away calluses with ventilated fingerless that will give you a strong grip while protecting your palms from friction.

Do better than the usual water bottle. Get one with a cover that has compartments so you can keep essentials like your cell phone and

locker key close in the gym and when you are out for your run.

Discard your old frayed gym bag and upgrade to a nice one with pockets and compartments for all your bits and bobs. Yoga enthusiasts can get one with a yoga mat holder on the underside.

The shoes you work out in should keep you comfortable and protected from the impact of all the working out, jumping, running and walking you do. Upgrade to a new pair that boosts your workout by working out your legs with every step or move you make.

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  • There’s some great tech coming out and its gonna be the new trend to have gadgets with your clothes. This is the future folks.

  • I’m excited for the waterproof tech. Swimming is my go to workout so it’ll be great to have my music with me in the water.

  • It looks like this is where we are heading. I don’t have a problem with it. But I’m also not jumping on the bandwagon just because its fancy and new.

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