The 10 best rides you shouldn’t miss in Disneyland

Defying gravity and having your stomach lurch are some of the experiences of fast and fabulous rides. But we love it because we love the adrenaline rush we get from them. Here are the ten best Disneyland rides you should not miss when you are at Disneyland.

1. Toy Story Midway Mania!

It is a whirly, rollicking tour of Broadway-style games that brings the whole toy story crew into a mix to achieve an experience that is amusing than an average balloon-popping, plate breaking slideshow.

2. Haunted Mansion

“Haunted” is the main word here: from candelabras to doorknobs, seemingly every section of the ride is alive – or rather undead. It will scares and creep you out. Enjoy searching for clues and enjoy the dark humor and practical effects that are still mysterious almost 50 years later.

3. Soaring Over California

With the scent of oranges and steady wind and pine wafting on your face, this hand glide – The rides simulate flying over California’s most beautiful sceneries from Malibu to Palm Springs.

4. Splash Mountain

This ride’s cheerful display of bold colors and critter friends is balanced with a steep leap into the briar patch and some straightforward trippy stretches.

5. Big Thunder Mountain Road

This is a runaway train coaster weaving through craggly canyons and rainbow caverns which feel faster and exciting especially at night sudden dips that come startlingly close to rocks faces and tight turns.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean

The storytelling on this boat ride is more compelling that the film series: a gently plucked banjo the lull of the firefly-lit Bayou gives way to magic and mystery of crossbones and talking skulls and treasure-filled caves.

7. Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan Ride has the most charming music (You Can Fly) and a good ride system. It has no track below, and the provincial rooftops give way to London city space, and a star-filled floating island.

8. Indiana Jones Adventure

It is one of the nostalgic movie ties. It offers a bumpy ride: a four-wheel drive vehicle zips along a track as the seats rumble, jolt and careen around fireballs and skeleton ambushes.

9. Space Mountain

Space Mountain ratchets up across a sequence of tunnels and launch preparations, and with a swift countdown, you are launched into a series of sudden tight turns and drops.

10. Radiator Spring Racers

Here the ride is divided into three parts: a screen joyride, a high octane race and a manic meet and greet with incredible animatronics of cars characters.

Of course, we all have different preferences when it comes to rides so you may disagree with this list. You may agree with our list or you may not. What’s important is that you try out rides you haven’t and enjoy the rides you like.

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones Adventure, and Radiator Spring Racers are my ultimate fave rides at Disneyland!

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