10 Most expensive instruments you can learn to play

Musical instruments can enrich your life if you are dedicated to learning it and putting in plenty of practice time. Many instruments can be bought at low prices if they are used or low end products. But for those who aspire to be pros or collectors, investing in well crafted instruments is essential. Here are the most expensive musical instruments, in general.

1. Vintage Instrument

A vintage instrument in mint condition once owned by a well known musician is the most expensive instrument you can buy. In 2007, for example, a Guarneri del Gesu violin sold for close to $4 million. Even if a vintage instrument was never owned by a celebrity, it can still be worth thousands of dollars if it’s in good condition.

2. Grand Piano

You might know how to play the piano but every pianist knows that a Grand Piano is the goal. The best grand pianos sell in the neighborhood of 6 figures. Much of the cost depends on the brand and the materials, such as ivory keys.

3. Custom Electric Guitar

A custom electric guitar made by a top brand such as Gibson, can sell for $80,000 or more. Like all instruments. The brand and materials have a lot to do with pricing. Great sounding guitars can still be found for under $500.

4. Drum Kit

High end drum kits can sell for $20,000 or more. That includes all the main components: kick drum (aka bass drum), snare, two or more tom toms, cymbals, stool, stands, drumsticks and brushes. More elaborate drummers use electronics and percussive instruments such as bongos.

5. Synthesizer

Although sophisticated synthesizers are much more expensive, all you really need to make professional recordings is a MIDI-based electronic keyboard with built-in electronic drum programming that may run from $500 to $4,000.

6. Stand Up Bass

A top of the line stand up bass can cost over $3,000, but it’s possible to find good quality used ones for under $1,000.

7. Custom Acoustic Guitar

Nice quality custom acoustic guitars usually start around $2000, but can be exponentially more, depending on the type of wood and how the guitar is crafted.

8. Brass Instruments

Tubas and saxophones can cost over $3,000, but you can also find decent sounding brass instruments for under $500.

9. Violin

Violins, like other stringed instruments, cover a wide range of prices, but pro versions can be found for under $500.

10. Flute

Just like other wind instruments, good quality flutes can be purchased for under $300.

You don’t need to have lots of money to learn a musical instrument. Just keep practising and learning however you can. You might become good enough to get your very own collector’s instrument.

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