10 fashion sportswear brands you need to wear on your workout

Working out is all about getting fit and healthy. But it also means looking your best as you push through your fitness challenges and sweat for your goals. If your fashion conscious about your workout we’ve got the in on some of the best sports brands you should be wearing for your workout. The following 10 brands are considered the best;

1. Adidas by Stella McCartney

This collection will keep you looking good as you work out in the gym or outdoors. The designs are sleek and made to fit the female form perfectly.

2. Calvin Klein

The great Calvin Klein has an offering of workout gear with that designer touch. The sports bras are very popular and so are the bikini tops and bottoms for those who alter their workouts with swimming or other water sports.

3. Nike

Nike has never disappointed with the workout gear they constantly put out. Add the technology they use and the cool designs and you get why Nike workout gear will never go out of style.

4. Falke

This is a German brand that was famous for its socks. It has a range of sportswear that comes out of cutting edge technology and it will win you points in the style stakes.

5. Live the Process

You will want to re-live the workout process with workout gear from this range. Their workout gear has turned classic active wear into modern pieces that will suit fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

6. Monreal London

This line focuses on tennis wear but it also has some great workout pieces. Their clothes are playful and modern in the choice of colors and prints.

7. Theory+

Theory+ has their own theory of how workout gear should look and how it should feel. They present the theory with contemporary and minimalistic clothes that you may want to wear even when you are headed to the gym. The tops and double-layer shorts are particularly popular.

8. The Upside

The Upside is all about a wholesome, healthy lifestyle and looking good while living it. Their range of workout gear has different designs that flatter women of all shapes and sizes.

9. Lisa Marie Fernandez

The workout gear in this range is inspired by the different generations of Bond girls which comes through with the chunky zippers and lines that line out the body. The bodysuit and leggings really capture the essence of this line.

10. Lucas High

Lucas High definitely gets it. This line delivers with deluxe sports wear that will keep you cool and comfortable while you work out and that will also make a style statement.

Remember that you can still look good while your workout. These brands certainly have beautiful clothes but don’t forget keep the burn going. Your fashionable sports ensemble will be wasted if you don’t hit your fitness goals.

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