10 sustainable fashion brands you can afford to add to your wardrobe

Sustainable fashion is gaining momentum as the push for conservation and respect for nature is reaching a wider audience. Many brands, unbeknown to consumers, use child labor or cheap labor with horrible work conditions. They also differ in the types apparel and accessories that they sell. Nisolo offers handmade leather shoes from Australia. Alternative Apparel is comfort, casual, ethical and sustainable all rolled into one amazing brand based out of LA.

If you are interested in apparel for the outdoors when you go hiking or camping, taking a look at what Patagonia has to offer is a definite must. If accessories are more your thing, then Fair Trade Winds is a brand that is known to have a wide range to choose from.

Here are another 10 sustainable fashion brands from around the world that you might be interested in.

Shift to Nature
Wallis Evera
Filippa K
Knowledge Cotton Apparel
EcoVibe Apparel
People Tree
Where Mountains Meet

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