12 best free Educational websites for kids

The wonderful world of interactive learning is constantly evolving, providing kids today with access to some of the best educators in the world. The 12 free educational websites listed below will soon have your kids actively participating in learning online, while they have fun doing it.

Pre-kinder children are developing their visual memory and perception skills as well as identifying shapes. Your child will love the two websites below:

* [Knowledge Adventure](ttp://knowledgeadventure.com/toddler-games.aspx)
* [Seussville](http://www.seussville.com/Educators/educatorPlanningCalendar.php)

Both these websites provide excellent activity resources for learning through playing online educational games.

###5 – 6 years old

Your child’s desire to make connections, predict, visualize, monitor and verbally summarize, is set to full steam ahead now! Two free websites that will feed the need to nourish those skills are:

*[Questacon](http://www.questacon.edu.au/discover), where kids can get into hands-on interesting science experiments, whilst learning facts, and;

*[NGAkids Art Zone](http://www.nga.gov/content/ngaweb/education/kids.html), where your child can let their creative fountains flow as they create their own art at the National Gallery of Art.

###7 – 8 years old

At this stage your child is becoming aware of the sounds represented in reading and oral language and enjoys making up funny noises, words, and names. Two websites he/she will love are:

*[Fun2Think](http://fun2think.com/free-online-music-making-for-kids/), where your child can further develop their phonemic awareness, and

*[Fizzics Education](http://www.fizzicseducation.com.au), where you and your child can plan a noisy scientific party!

###9 – 10 years old

Develop their study skills by sending this group to the websites below where they can get answers to most of their questions:-

*[Ask Jeeves](http://uk.ask.com/?o=312&1=dir), here they can ask any question they want.

*[National Geographic Kids](http://www.ngkids.co.uk), they can discover facts about just about anything.

###11 – 12 years old

Only the coolest research sites will do at this age and two of the best are:

*[How Stuff Works](http://www.howstuffworks.com/), for tweens who need to know how.


For kids of all ages Providing great resources and educational games galore for kids of all ages, one great site to visit is: *[Education.com](http://www.education.com/games/educational/)

###Young adults+

For learners everywhere, the worlds leading universities have formed a global learning community providing free courses to students around the world.


), where they will find an abundance of free courses. There are a lot more educational websites out there. Find the one that you and your children like. This list will, hopefully, help you out.

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  • My kids have used How Stuff Works for some of their classroom projects. I also enjoy learning about the how different stuff works.

  • I’ve always spent time with my kids on the Nat Geo website. But its great to find other websites my little ones can have fun with.

  • My kids know how to use the computer better than I do. I need to learn more about computers.

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