09 September 2014

Ditch the email and write a letter – reasons to send hand written letters

by James Parton - 2 Comments
Ditch the email and write a letter – reasons to send hand written letters

It is hard to get through life in any sort of successful manner without having the ability to communicate effectively. Whether you are talking with friends, your family, co-workers or anyone else it is mandatory to be able to communicate your thoughts and emotions efficiently. Many people use email as a

method of communicating but the next time you reach for this familiar method, consider ditching it and handwriting a letter instead. A handwritten letter can speak volumes in the following ways:

It makes you stand apart from other people.

Did you know that sending a handwritten thank you letter after a job interview immediately sets you apart from the majority of interviewees applying for that same position? It is rare for a potential job candidate to actually take the consideration and time to do this. Imagine you and another candidate are equally matched for a position at your dream company but you have taken the time to hand write a thank you letter, seal it, and mail it. You have just given yourself the leading edge for that position.

It shows you want to make a more personal connection.

You can personalize a handwritten letter so much better than an email. You can choose the type of paper or stationary you want to use, the color of ink you want to use, and even the type of stamp you want to place on the envelope. In addition, when you sit down to write your letter, you will instantly be in a better position to write a more personal letter. You will not be in typical email auto-pilot mode, which means you are that much more likely to engage in authentic, in the moment, communication. You just might be surprised at how much more authentic your communication instantly becomes.

It sends a message about your values.

Writing a handwritten letter says you are patient, old-fashioned, and that meaningful connections are important to you. It also shows that you are thoughtful and considerate. In a sea of people who are constantly operating on overdrive, you end up being like a breath of fresh air to the person receiving your letter.

In a time period in which intimate connection with others has become almost obsolete, the person who receives your handwritten letter, instead of an email, will likely feel noticed and acknowledged. Who knows? They might even have a spark of hope, that authentic communication and strong values do still really exist.

James Parton

James Parton

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  1. Peyton says:

    My last year’s resolution was to start writing letters again and managed to send around 30 letters, from shorter ones to friends living in the same city to more “delicious” ones to friends that I wasn’t able to speak to in a while. You can’t imagine how happy and surprised everyone was, nothing beats a handwritten letter.

  2. Sofia says:

    I remember when having a penpal was the coolest thing ever! Now the mailman brings me bills after bills, letters have unfortunately been surpassed by spammy emails these days.

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