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26 June 2015

Trends in home furniture design

by James Parton - 3 Comments
Trends in home furniture design

After about a decade of the Feng Sui craze, furniture design has been somewhat unfocused as designers look for a different feel to home furnishings. Naturally, the economy has also left those looking at furnishings opting for more muted, Earthy colors, but 2015 has begun to bring color back as people begin to have a more positive outlook on the future. Chairs and tables are showing bright colors making your home appear much cheerier.

Perhaps as another sign of the times, furniture design is also slimming down. Chairs appear to offer the bear minimum in size, but are much more eye catching in the amount of detail presented. For example, love seats have returned to wooden legs with more room underneath and thinner but more contoured arms and back. Tables and surfaces have wide areas, but the supports are just enough to keep them stable.

Another interesting turn of design is the use of materials, ranging from tables to lamps. Splashes of color are added to decorative tables with piping and neon trim, giving the room a basic and friendly appearance. Lamps made from felt offer a different type of lighting with colors to compliment the paint or piping of the tables

James Parton

James Parton

Born and raised in Portland, James is a gentlemen with diverse interests from the great outdoors, to design. He's a freelance journalist and editor-at-large here at Jaribo.

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  1. Amber Rodriguez says:

    Mirrors that’s what you need. If you have a small space put in some mirrors.

  2. Kate Eloe says:

    Design trends keep coming back. Its like a circle.

  3. Everett Trankin says:

    Minimalist is in but it doesn’t work for everybody. If you have the space and the budget then go with what you want.

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