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18 November 2015

Easy Indoor exercises you can do if you’re snowed in.

by James Parton - 2 Comments
Easy Indoor exercises you can do if you’re snowed in.

Almost everyone gets less exercise in the winter time, as activities move indoors and the options to run, walk, garden or play outside disappear. It’s tempting to give in to the lure of the couch, but don’t let getting snowed in stop you from working out! Think beyond the treadmill, and turn your home into a gym with these tips to help you feel the burn, even on a cold winter’s day.

Embrace your inner weight lifter

Traditional strength routines can be an effective and quick way to workout in the winter, when you can’t get to the gym. Lifting weights builds muscles, which help to boost metabolism, and you can mix in some calisthenics to get your heart rate up. It’s the best of both worlds! Invest in a set of weights, or even use heavy cans or water jugs in a pinch, and you’ll be able to burn calories and work up a good sweat without leaving your living room.

If you need some inspiration, has detailed writeups of routines for every skill level, muscle group and fitness goal imaginable. Plus, each write-up includes a video demonstration of proper form for each move to keep you safe and prevent injury.

Find a yoga class… online!

You don’t need a fancy mat, or special equipment to practice yoga All you really need is your computer, and a bit of space. Whether you’re a total beginner, or a seasoned pro, you can find a class that works for you. Websites like offer a variety of free routines for every skill level, from 10 minute “wake up sessions” to 2-hour flows that surely aren’t for the faint of heart. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the strength-building, calorie-burning and deep relaxation benefits of a full yoga class, while still wearing your pajamas.

If yoga doesn’t excite you, there are millions of fitness videos for every workout style and skill level on YouTube – you’ll be sure to find a routine that works for you!

Dance like nobody’s around

If the ideas of a structured workout routine, or running for an hour on the treadmill doesn’t excite you, just put on your favorite song and dance! Dancing can burn over 400 calories per hour, and certainly gives you a full body workout.

Plus, dancing gives you the freedom to multitask – shimmy around your kitchen while cooking dinner, or practice your best hip hop moves as you vacuum the living room. You’ll be burning loads of calories without even realizing it!

James Parton

James Parton

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  1. Wendy Treble says:

    I do yoga and I dance in my house. I don’t know if I want to use weights though.

  2. Taylor Brandt says:

    I commend people who can do Yoga by themselves. I like Yoga but I need to do it in a class.

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