17 February 2016

Essential Motorcycle gear for beginners

by Tristine Brown - 3 Comments
Essential Motorcycle gear for beginners

Riding a motorcycle can be a very rewarding experience but like everything else in life, there are simple rules and regulations that most motorcyclists must abide by in order to get the most out of their motorcycle ride. Also, safety is a really big issue that also requires attention and being safe while riding a motorcycle is the key to enjoying this long worthwhile hobby. It can be argued that riding a motorcycle shouldn’t require a lot of rules, but it does and those rules are necessary. When you get on a motorcycle, you’re obligated to follow the rules of safety as well as have the right gear.

First, get a helmet

Before partaking in any motorcycle riding activities, you are required to have a helmet because it not only saves you from getting a terrible head injury should you fall off, but it also saves you a trip to the ER. It is a known fact that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is required by law, safety is everyone’s responsibility especially the motorcyclist.

Using hand signals

Make sure you exercise using hand signals while you’re riding your motorcycle because ten times out of ten, accidents happen because the driver didn’t see you or saw that you were trying to signal getting over into another lane. Exercise your right to stay safe and never forget that even though some drivers don’t always pay attention to everything on the road, it’s your job to make sure that they see you.

Drivers should see more than just your lights and your back

It is a known fact that wearing black at night can make you invisible, but that is dangerous for motorcyclists because being seen is necessary. Wearing a reflective vest or wearing gloves that cast a bright light such as neon colors, should definitely be worn. It can be argued that wearing all of this might seem like it’s a bit too much to you but rest assured, you’ll be glad you did once other drivers see the brightest star on the road, you.

Never do stunts

This is kind of self-explanatory, but never do stunts on your motorcycle. Keep both hands on the handlebars at all times, looking cool should never be about injuring yourself because you want to prove something or try to scratch your head during the ride. Exercise caution, and intelligence; don’t do it.

Finally, ride with common sense

Some riders forget how important it is to be smart and use sound judgment while riding a motorcycle, it is very essential in order to be allowed on a motorcycle

In conclusion, practicing safety and illustrating sound judgement on the road can save your life.

Tristine Brown

Tristine Brown

Tristine Brown joins Jaribo as our newest contributing editor. She has an academic background in Fine Arts, but don't let fool you – she has a real passion for motors and all things tech. Tristine is based in Chicago with her dog Jasper.

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  1. Kevin Trent says:

    I got into bikes because of my friends. They helped me out a lot. They taught me what I needed to know about safety.

  2. Carrie Arlow says:

    The biggest tip I have for you is to be safe. Bike’s are fun but you want to be careful.

  3. Carlos Marcus says:

    I started off with small bikes and then moved on to bigger bikes. Get some experience riding first before you go for the bigger and more expensive bikes.

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