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24 February 2016

The top 3 fashion events around the world and why you should watch.

by Gaby Smith - 3 Comments
The top 3 fashion events around the world and why you should watch.

Reputable fashion houses are part of the top fashion shows around the world. The designers use different colors and hues to create their fashion collection. Every style they design is very much about originality.

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a top fashion show in New York. New York is among the top fashion capitals in the world. This is ranked as one of the major fashion events globally. It takes place in February and September every year and showcases unique masterpieces of popular designers in the fashion industry.

The purpose of NYFW is to display the uniqueness of American fashion, which had been overshadowed by other fashion capitals. Fashion is about styles, and seeing that individuals’ personalities sparkle from head to toe. Footwear and handbags are part of

the items exhibited alongside clothes during the event.

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is a major fashion event in Paris. It is among the most famous fashion weeks that takes place twice every year in Paris. Paris is among the major global fashion capitals. The big event takes place to showcase the collections for Spring/Summer as well as Autumn/Winter at their respective dates of the year.

The top fashion houses show their designs during this event, as the top-notch style enthusiasts attend to see the masterpieces. Paris Fashion Week provides some of the finest ideas and best workmanship for the season. Together with many powerful collections, Paris is known to create the most unforgettable fashion show each time.

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is one of the best fashion events on the planet. It takes place twice each year in February and September. Obviously, many prestigious fashion houses and designers attend this fashion event to display their works.

Why should you watch these fashion shows?

Possibly due to the tall and attractive models in the magnificent runway, the beautiful accessories, and dresses, and the audience makes the fashion shows worth watching.

Everybody likes to look great. Fashion has reached such a level in the society that everyone is part of it one way or the other. Although it is a flourishing business, it is also very competitive, leading to many of the top fashion events in the world. People can watch first class fashion designers showcase their fashion talents in different designs and colors.

Gaby Smith

Gaby Smith

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  1. Grace Black says:

    It would be a dream come true for me to be able to watch Paris Fashion Week.

  2. Kathleen Regal says:

    I know Grace. I’ve been to New York and London Fashion week. Paris is next. Just have to save up for it.

  3. Robert French says:

    Despite my last name I haven’t been to the Paris Fashion show yet. But I’ve been lucky enough to go to the New York Fashion show 2 years in a row. It does help that I live in NY.

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