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09 November 2016

How to make scented stationary

by Tristine Brown - 1 Comment
How to make scented stationary

In this day and age where life is mostly technology-driven, it is nice to get hand-written notes and letters. It is even better when this is on scented stationary. Also, scented stationary made to suit the scent that the receiver likes is a unique, thoughtful and practical gift.

It is not difficult to make scented stationary at home. There are different ways to do it.

One method uses cornstarch and essential oils.
Mix six ounces of cornstarch and seven to 10 drops of your chosen essential oil. Apply the mixture evenly onto six plain envelopes then place them between six sheets of notepaper. Seal them in a plastic bag and leave for at least 10 days or longer. The scent will permeate the paper and you will have your scented stationary.

Another way to make scented stationary at home is with satchets. Choose the stationary to be scented. If it doesn’t come with a gift box, find a nice box for it. Put the stationery in a box.

The next step is to make a satchet. Using old handkerschiefs, or scraps of muslin, cheesecloth, brocade, silk, muslin, gingham or other cloth that has a weave that is loose enough to allow fragrance to permeate. You can also buy cotton muslin bags or pre-made sachet bags.

Three sides of the cloth should be sewn up with the top left open for filling with a dried flower or herb. Choices include dried lavender flowers, rose petals and peppermint. Once it is filled, add two teaspoons of cut orris root which will act as a fixative.

Choose a corresponding essential oil; rose oil for rose petals, peppermint oil for the peppermint and lavender oil for lavender flowers. Add five drops of the oil then use a ribbon to tie up the top.

Another alternative is to add the drops

of essential oil to a cotton ball.
Put the cotton ball or satchet in the box of stationery and cover it. Let it sit for as long as possible, at least 10 days at the minimum so that it can really soak up the scent.

If you will be using the stationery yourself, leave the satchet or cotton ball inside to keep soaking up the scent. If it is a gift, remove them before you give it.

Tristine Brown

Tristine Brown

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  1. Amber Fritz says:

    Not a very popular hobby but amazing how people can make such beautiful stationery. My friend does this and its pretty amazing.

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