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14 December 2016

The rules of regifting

by Tristine Brown - 3 Comments
The rules of regifting

Say there is an upcoming special occasion where you will need to prepare a gift. Naturally, your first instinct would be to buy one at the local mall. After all, there are plenty of charming, ready-made gifts available at decent prices. But wait, you’re running a little low on money and your budget won’t cut it. Your second instinct tells you to prepare a homemade gift. This seems to be a good idea at first, because personalized gifts would be much sweeter than ready-made gifts. Suddenly, you realize you aren’t too gifted with arts and crafts, and you have no idea how to create an aesthetically acceptable gift. You are left with the last option, which is to regift one of the items lying around your house.

Is this a good idea?

There are several ways find out using the following rules:

The gift should be brand new.

This rule should have no exceptions. If it has been slightly used, do not regift it. If it has any markings or stains on it, do not regift it. Simply put, the gift should have all of its original packaging and should still be packed. If it is a gadget of some kind or an item that requires instructions, be sure that the original instructions are still there. You wouldn’t want to give the recipient a hard time fumbling over how to use it.

It is not handmade by someone else.

If someone took the time and effort to personalize their gift to you, it means they really wanted you to have it. Even if the original gifter would never know you gave it away, keeping the gift should be done out of courtesy as a token of their affection for you.

The gift is not from someone within the same circle of people.

If there is even the slightest chance that the paths of the original gifter and the one you are regifting it to will cross, then giving that item is not a good idea. Not only would it hurt the feelings of your two friends, but it would also make things very awkward.

To put all three rules in one sentence: If there’s a chance it will hurt anyone’s feelings, find another item to regift. As much as possible, remember to be respectful, courteous, and considerate when deciding whether or not to regift an item. Happy gifting!

Tristine Brown

Tristine Brown

Tristine Brown joins Jaribo as our newest contributing editor. She has an academic background in Fine Arts, but don't let fool you – she has a real passion for motors and all things tech. Tristine is based in Chicago with her dog Jasper.

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  1. Lester Brown says:

    Helpful reminders. I have 1 or 2 things that I can regift this Christmas. ssshhhh dont tell anyone.

  2. Ava Garcia says:

    This makes me wonder if I got any re gifts this month.

  3. Adrian Abel says:

    I’m not sure but I may have gotten some regifts this Christmas. 🙂 Its ok because I sent out some regifts myself.

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