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04 January 2017

Make your own musical instruments at home

by Gaby Smith - 4 Comments
Make your own musical instruments at home

Making your own musical instruments is a fun activity. There a number of musical instruments you can make with items that are easily available in the home;

Rhythmic shaker

This can be made with rice, pasta or buttons or any items that make noise. Fill a plastic cup with one item. Attach the filled cup to another empty one with packing tape. You can also add ribbons around the cups which will move to the beat as you shake away. The ribbons can be looped through shower curtain rings which fit perfectly over the base of the plastic cups. Secure the rings with packing tape as well.


This one is also quick and easy. Cover an embroidery hoop or a box cover with heavy wrapping paper or an piece of unbleached muslin. Collect six or seven sleight bells. Then, cut slits into the rim of the top of the box. Make as many cuts as bells you will be using. Put the bell hooks into the cuts and hold them in place with safety pins. Then, shake away.

Wooden drums

For this one, you will need wood glue, a hammer, nails, metal bottle caps and two paddles. You can use either ping pong paddles or ball and paddle games which you can buy at the dollar store.

Use the glue to fasten the paddles together securely. With the help of an adult, flatten four to 16 metal bottle caps using the hammer. Next, nail the metal bottle caps on every side of the paddle. Put as many as you wish on every side of the paddle. Then, drive the nail into the wood just far enough to secure. You are done. Play your wooden drum by tapping it against your leg to the rhythm of a song.

Wrist bells

You can do this one in just a few minutes. You will need bells, a wide ribbon, needle and thread, scissors and if you wish, a piece of velcro. Cut the ribbon into two pieces of eight inches each. Then, you can either sew the ends together or sew the velcro on both ends.

Then, sew five bells onto the top of the ribbon. Put one on each wrist and shake to the beat.

So many more

There’s a lot of other instruments you’ll be able to make at home but these are just some of the easy and commmon musical instrucments you’ll be able to make.

Gaby Smith

Gaby Smith

Gaby, a practicing nomad, has been an entertainment buff for decades. She has published articles in US Weekly and is a member of several of lifestyle blogs including Jaribo. She currently lives in Rumford, Maine, with her husband, three kids and two dogs.

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  1. Angelina Davis says:

    This should be a fun project for me and the kids over the weekend.

  2. Martin Grolling says:

    My brother would just use whatever was on hand and play the drums.

  3. Oliver Meylon says:

    Its all fun and games until the 5th day of incessant banging and clanging all over the house.

  4. Arthur Barnes says:

    We used to play with the washboard and I see now that people really play it as an actual instrument. Pretty Cool 🙂

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