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26 September 2018

Finding the right stretch in Yoga

by Gaby Smith - 1 Comment
Finding the right stretch in Yoga

Yoga has become one of the biggest fitness favorites of many people. It has gained popularity and you’ll see lots of Yoga studios opening everywhere. But there’s more than just one kind of Yoga and we are here to help you figure out what some of them are and which one you might want to try out.

Hatha Yoga

This refers to your basic yoga session. It’s a good place to start for beginners and a place where veterans can practice and improve their poses.


Ashtanga Yoga is a “workout” yoga. When we say workout it means it’s more intense than other forms of yoga. If you want a more active yoga experience then give this a try. You’ll be moving between different poses quickly here but also getting a good burn on those calories.

Bikram Yoga

This is one of the more popular types of yoga. There are 26 poses to get through and you’ll be doing all of them in a room heated to 40º C. So you’re going to get all hot and sweaty and stretchy at the same time. Give it a try and you might be surprised. The health benefits for this are as follows: detoxifying your body(sweating a lot), better strength and flexibility, and you’ll be more limber because of the heat.

Restorative Yoga

If you’re looking for a slower pace of yoga than check out Restorative Yoga. If you thought yoga was all about being calm, slow, and trying hard not to fall asleep, you’ve found it. If you want to relax and just be still this is a good one to do.

Vinyasa Yoga

Here you will be flowing through different poses and postures. It is a lot slower paced than Ashtanga but will get your heart racing. This is actually a great way to strengthen your cardiovascular system. If this is what you want or need in a workout then you’ve found the one.

There are a lot of other Yoga forms out there but these are the most common ones you’ll find. We hope that we’ve helped inform you a little about yoga, now give it a try.

Gaby Smith

Gaby Smith

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    I LOVE YOGA! It makes me feel sooo much better after a long day at work!

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