3 great tips on furniture placement in your room

Do you keep tripping over your ottoman? Bumping your head on the low-hanging chandelier? Tripping over the cat? Then you need to rearrange your furniture (and maybe get some new glasses) stat. If you’ve never opened an issue of an interior design magazine, getting started with furniture placement can be difficult. You may be considering an austere feng shui approach, or

maybe you just want an eclectic mix of country styling. In either case, though, there are three pieces of furniture advice to keep in mind before you start placing your furniture.

  1. Measure. Measure. Measure one more time. This one is important. A measuring tape might not fit perfectly in your pocket, but that oversized chaise might not fit through the door. Which do you think is going to be easier to remedy? If you don’t measure your rooms beforehand, you’ll end up with a headache the size of that chic Pottery Barn birdcage that you just had to buy because Taylor Swift has one. Save yourself (or your movers) the agony of a hernia by finding out whether or not that monstrosity will fit before you start trying to lift it. In this case, size definitely matters. Remember how everyone looked like a giant when you were four years old? And then before you knew it, you were knocking children out of the way like a high school quarterback? No? Well, you still get the idea. The bigger someone is, the smaller everyone else appears. The same thing holds true for furniture. Consider the size of your sofa in relation to the room as well as to the other pieces of furniture that you intend to use. Is it so big that it’s going to dwarf everything else in the room? Or is it so small that you’ll feel like Gulliver in Lilliput? Walk around. But don’t just walk around the room. Run around it, jump across it, and let a pack of wild hyenas loose in

it. This is the biggest piece of furniture advice: Assess the space according to how easy it is to do all these things. Are there spots where you have to take five minutes to squeeze past the coffee table or turn sideways to walk by the wardrobe? Consider all possible scenarios where you have to use the space, and build the furniture organization according to those needs.

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  • Having a tape measure and knowing the exact space you have is important. But don’t forget to measure the width and height of your doors too or stairs. So if you buy a big piece of furniture you know if it’ll fit through.

  • Seems like the fad now is small homes so that means even smaller furniture. So go to furniture shops that sell these smaller pieces of furniture. That should help.

  • Well I’ve never tripped on an Ottoman. Don’t have one of those. But I do have a dog who likes to trip me up. Thanks for the tip.

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