5 pieces of furniture that are disappearing from our homes.

Our homes are no longer the clutter filled emporiums of my youth, visiting aged aunts in their homes filled with dust covered ornaments and other nick-knacks. Today we are even beginning to see the disappearance of things that were once considered essentials.

Technology is the prime mover behind the changes, with the advent of eReaders and other computerized ways to download and read books for example, not only is the printed tome becoming a less and less familiar sight in many homes today, but with the decline of the book goes the book case, no longer standing proudly in the hallway or study room.

Also on their way out are the television and the VHS and DVD players and of course the cabinets that once housed our entertainments. They are now all being replaced by the wall hung smart television, which if truth be told is more like a computer monitor; connected as it is these days to our broadband, so we not only watch television programs when we choose rather then when they are broadcast, but can down load movies and even the boxed sets of our favorite programs to watch again at our leisure.

In a similar vein we are also losing gramophones and music centers or stereos and the cases in which we kept our vinyl records or CD’s as the iPod can store thousands of tunes and play then using tiny speakers. Even the upright piano which once graced many homes is now a rarity to be found in only a few homes of either the very old or the very musical.

Even the dining room table is fast disappearing in many homes, whether this is due to the rise in apartment living where there is neither a dedicated dining room, nor room to actually put a formal table. Many now choose to eat off a tray in front of their smart television, watching programs, or catching up with social media, even playing games.

One more item that seems to be disappearing is the land line telephone and answering machine, for that matter so is the printed telephone directory, as almost everyone now uses a cell phone and can obtain what ever numbers they need from the internet which is also connected to the phone.

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  • I’m happy with the new thinner and lighter TVs we’re getting. Except some of them can be complicated to use.

  • Don’t watch a lot of TV but I like using the computer. I get to talk to my family and friends.

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