A quick look at Wearable Tech

It isn’t a new idea, Batman and James Bond have been wearing their gadgets since we first laid eyes on them in print! But, for the first time you actually live in the future. If you wanted to you could go pick up a nifty piece of tech that makes you look like you belong in a scifi series!

  • The Smartwatch – an extension of Bluetooth technology, a large faced watch can sync up with your nearby phone to let you receive texts and calls. But, that’s not all that they have to offer, they can be a medical companion, this wearable tech can monitor heartrate, oxygen saturation and even breathing!

  • Glasses – Looking more like a visor, these glasses give you instant access to your data, displaying information on the tiny screen above

the right eye.

These are the most common easiest to identify but technology is making wearable leaps and bounds!

  • The electrical jackets – There are a few versions of this tech. One syncs up to an app on your phone and works like a heating blanket! With low, medium and high settings you can control the temperature your jacket keeps you while you hike, fish and jog. But, if you would rather you could pick up a solar jacket that picks up the rays of the sun and charges your phone, MP3 player or camera.

  • Alternative energies – Solar, heat and breathe are all forms of energy that are almost infinite. Jackets that harness solar power, masks that catch your breath and bracelets that harness body heat and charges your electronics, each and every one. Each is works individually but the result is the same. Free electricity, the way tesla intended!

  • Child safety – Monitoring a precious new baby is often a new parent’s top priority. Better, smarter monitors are coming out, more discreet, more comfortable and more accurate. These new monitor link up to an app on your smartphone giving you updates from heart and breathing rates to sleeping state. Not just cold data but updates on your baby’s waking and sleeping as well as position.

We live in the scifi movie that is the future. Technology grows everyday faster and better. From huge self-sustaining floating ocean cities, in development in labs across the world to the tiniest computers that you can wear on your person with optimal processing speeds. Wearable technologies are just another facet of the growing slew of man-made wonders.

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