5 Public Commuting Hacks to help you

Commuting is one of the greatest time wasters. To make matters worse it takes up the most productive hours of the day; early in the morning, after lunch breaks and also evening hours. These are the times of the day that one can get most things done. By wasting such on the road, it means that one’s productivity is reduced and they might never get to operate optimally. Below are some real-life hacks that can help you some hours when you are commuting:

Leave extremely early or late

One of the reasons why a lot of time is wasted on the road is because all commuters are on the road at almost the same time. For instance for most people, between 7 and 9 AM, that is the time they are going to work and leaving between 4 and 6 PM. During these times, the roads will be very busy. Leaving early before everyone else is on the road or late after everyone else has left could save you some precious time.

Use public means

One of the reasons why roads are congested and thus wasting time on the road is because everyone has their own vehicle on the road. By leaving your vehicle at home, you will be in a way helping to decongest the roads, take care of the environment while at the same time save on fuel.

Work from home

If it is possible, carrying office work home may to a great extent relieve you the burden of having to commute to work. Teleconferencing can help you get in touch with coworkers, conduct meetings and have everything done the same way as it would have if you reported to work.

Think about your life

Use the time to reflect When you are commuting, you may have some time to yourself to reflect on your life, family, and work. Rarely do busy people afford such time. By capitalizing on this, you will develop a culture that will help you save time and grow your personality.

Travel with a friend

Travel together If you have a coworker with whom you live in the same block, you can travel together. This greatly improves productivity as you can discuss work-related matters as you travel. It will also help you save on fuel unlike using two vehicles to the same destination.

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  • Absolutely! Daily commuting is a hassle and takes so much of time and energy. That’s why working from home is advisable. You also get to spend more time with your family, as I do.

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