5 reasons why you need a health insurance policy

Health insurance is a policy that is tailored to cater to your medical needs within a given period. Currently, hundreds of insurance companies are offering this plan. Some of the factors that you should consider when looking for an insurance company include reputation, legal accreditation, experience, and affordability.

For now, let us look at the reasons why you need to have health insurance cover.

Save Money

High hospital bills can hinder you from achieving set financial goals. For instance, you might be forced to forgo some other needs in order to clear the bills. Health insurance can cushion you from this predicament by paying for medical services offered on your behalf.

Access to Preventive Care Services

Prevention is better than cure. Most renowned health facilities offer preventive care services that are specifically tailored to protect clients from various diseases. Health insurance policy will give you full access to check-ups and diagnostic tests. Recent studies carried out in United States showed that people with health insurance policies are physically and mentally healthier than those who do not have any form of health cover.

Self Worth

One of the guaranteed ways of taking good care of yourself and safeguarding your future is by taking medical insurance policy. Remember that accidents and sickness can happen without warning at any time.

Access to World-Class Health Services

Insurance companies have collaborated with leading medical facilities to ensure that their clients get access to quality health services at all times.

Here are some additional facts about how insurance policies work to help you make an intelligent decision.


This refers to monthly or annual payments that you pay to the insurance company to enjoy full coverage. The rates vary from one company to another. Some of the factors that are considered when setting rates include the cost of medical services and your health condition. The company usually takes a close look at your health history in a bid to know your preference to various diseases.


It’s money you pay for covered medical expenses before your selected insurance cover takes effect. Once you met the set deductibles, the plan will immediately start to pay its portion of healthcare costs.


This is when the cost of medical services is shared between client and insurance company at a particular ratio of maybe 80/20.


After a medical service, the facility or doctor is

required to file a claim with your insurance provider. Simply put, it is a formal request for payment for health services rendered.

Clearly, having health insurance policy is one of the surest ways of securing your health and future.

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  • For those who don’t know what benefits they can get I recommend using the InsuranceQuotes as it has an Obamacare eligibility calculator, it’s very on point.

  • I never realized how important health insurance is until I didn’t have it. If you have the option to get it, you really should.

  • I’m pissed off when I see young people ignoring health insurance. Yeah, you’re not old yet, but you still need proper health care. Routine checkups could pick various illnesses and help prevent spreading further, why should you ignore this?

  • The company I work for covers healthcare for me and my wife. She had some minor surgeries and we didn’t have to pay for them, Monica was afraid we’ll be billed.

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