5 reasons you should have a packed lunch

For most people there’s a certain age that we hit when we stop getting packed lunches and start buying our lunch at school cafeterias. From that point until parenthood it seems like the packed lunch completely disappears from our world. But we’ve got 5 great reasons to make packed lunches a part of our daily meals. For students and for those who work, packed lunches have lots of benefits

Healthier lunches

Having a packed lunch helps you avoid seeing all the junk food that’s being sold at the cafeteria. This means you won’t be tempted as much to have junk for lunch. You’ll also avoid fast food when you have your own lunch with you.

Leisurely Lunch

You won’t have to run to the line for lunch when you’ve got your brown bag of noontime goodies. Find a nice spot with your friends and start munching away, as you wait for them to get their food.

Pick of the Bunch

A packed lunch means you picked out the food you are going to eat. So treat yourself to your favorite dish and have it for lunch.

Lunch Money

Packed lunches will help you save some money. It won’t seem like a lot on a day to day basis but in the long run it’ll definitely be helpful. You’ll be less tempted to spend your money on food because you won’t be seeing it.

No to food waste

If you’re thinking leftovers for packed lunches then you are right. When you prepare your packed lunch take out those leftovers and they won’t go bad in your fridge.

We hope that these 5 reasons have made you think about packing your own lunch. Give it a try and have a good lunch.

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