5 things that you should check regularly: Basic motorcycle care for bikers

Modern bikes require less maintenance today than in the early 60’s or 70’s. However, they still require a lot of care compared to a car. Buying your first motorcycle is just the first step. There’s a lot of other things you need to know about your bike.

As a motorcyclist, you should be able to do some basic maintenance on your bike. The more care and maintenance you give your bike, the longer your bike will last. Besides, carrying out general maintenance on your bike will enable you to spot some problems before they occur. Not to mention being able to save money. Here are things that you should check regularly.

1. Tires

Ensure that your tires are inflated correctly. Tires that are very under-inflated will generate a lot of heat and this can result in a puncture. Besides, tires that run very hot will wear out quickly. Tire damage is a common motorcycle breakdown.

Buy a pencil-type tire gauge & use it frequently until you automatically know what your tires feel like when they are properly inflated.

2. Brakes

Bikes have up to 2 brake fluid reservoirs. One is on the front, and it is normally found on your bikes handlebars. There is also another on the back. Ensure that you check both reservoirs regularly. Do top up only from a sealed, new bottle since brake fluid normally absorbs moisture with time. In case your brake pads are thin, ensure that you replace them. That way, you will increase the performance of your brakes.

3. Fuel

Ensure that you check your bikes fuel filter frequently and replace it after every two years. Indeed, fuel is often overlooked as a form of preventative maintenance on motorcycles.

4. Battery

Check the level of fluids on all chambers. In case there is a chamber which is low, top it up carefully. Make sure that you use only deionized or distilled water. DO NOT USE TAP WATER. Tap water contains some minerals that might damage the battery.

5. Oil

Check the level of your oil when it is still cold, that is before you go on any ride. In case the oil level is not at its max or high level, then you should ensure that you top it up before you go out.

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  • Great list. You definitely want to know how to fix or maintenance on your bike. Safety is very important especially if your gonna be riding around in a motorcycle.

  • Any kind of vehicle can be expensive to maintain. So keep that in mind once you get one. Yes, even motorcycles.

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