Top 5 youngest fashion designers

If you think you tend to jump into the deep end when it comes to New Years resolutions, take a look at these young fashionista prodigies.

Melissa Jade Aiello

Melissa was born in the UK, but it was in New York that a teacher inspired her to take her drawing seriously. From the age of 9, she began drawing her favorite fashion icons, and putting them on T-shirts. She began with a sketch of Karl Lagerfeld, and today she owns her very own t-shirt line. Only 12 years old now, her designs were recently featured in UK’s Vogue magazine.

Cecilia Cassini

Cecillia began working away at the age of four on a sewing machine given to her by her parents. She became a household name when her impressive designs caught the attention of celebrities and the national media. She began with a few patches of fabric. Today, her highly unique fashion line, which focuses on dresses and skirts for young girls is sold at Fred Segal outlets.

Isabella Rose Taylor

Hailing form Austin, Texas, Isabella started designing and making her clothes at the age of 9. Enamored by colors, shapes, travel and poetry she started focusing on developing a line for tweens. By the time she hit her tweens, she was able to show a collection she’d developed, at the 2012 Austen Fashion Week. She took home the Rising Star Award and quickly began her second clothing line. She says her formula consists mostly of blood, sweat, and some glitter. It’s definitely working.

Moziah Bridges

At 11, young bow-tie designer Moziah, or Mo, as his friends call him began sewing ties when he was 9. Back then, he used his grandmother’s sewing machine. In no time at all, Mo was attracting attention from his family and friends with the vintage material he was using. They encouraged him to start “Mo’s Bows” When he isn’t in school, Mo is working on his business, which now sells to boutiques in South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. He also sells online.

Sydney Keiser

At only 4 years old, Sydney Keiser or “Mayhem,” as she’s known on the catwalk, is the youngest of our fashion design stars. She has a make-believe sister in a mannequin called Mackenza. Without any pressure from her parents, she works all day on her latest fashion ideas. She was too young to use fabric, so she just used colorful paper. That didn’t stop her from reaching a deal with J.Crew for a children’s line recently though. Which just goes to show, daytime play can often be the most important part of a fashion designer’s work!

Time to dive into those new years resolutions you’ve been holding off!

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