6 helpful tips in finding the best after school activities for your kids

What should you always consider when searching for the best after school activities or programs for your kid? Here are tips on how you should select the right extra-curricular classes, programs or training activities for your kid.

1. Look at the available activities or programs.

After school activities and programs can enhance the creative instincts of your child, enhance the child`s social spirit, and also improve his or her fitness. Some of the options include drama, dancing, art & craft classes (for example, ceramics), team sports, martial arts, swimming, scouts, music lessons, athletics & multi-sport, and many others.

The cost of various activities and programs available vary. Think about the benefits of a particular activity to your child before choosing it.

Finding the right balance of fun, challenge, and physical/creative stimulation is important. So listen to your child and be aware of his strengths and weaknesses.

2. Ask your child what they want to do.

For you to find the right activity to stimulate and engage your child, it is crucial to ask what he or she loves.

Be aware of their skills too. Some children at a young age may not really be able to tell you what kind of activity they might like. You can steer them towards an activity that they are good at. This way they will have fun doing it.

3. Choose age appropriate activities.

Think about the age of your child, and ensure that you choose activities, teams, or classes that are categorized according to age.

Some programs may seem like they’re for older kids but you can always ask if they have a separate class for younger children or have an inclusive all age approach to their classes.

4. The cost of the activity chosen.

The cost of the selected extra-curricular activity should play a crucial part in the final choice. Some sports need a lot of equipment. If they need a uniform that will be an expense too. Some creative classes also need very expensive supplies. Besides, nearly all options will have a joining or membership fee. But, some activities will allow your child to have a few trial sessions or lessons before

you pay anything.

Therefore, be sure to inquire early if your kid can be allowed to sit in some few lessons and check if he or she will like it before you pay.

5. Make sure the club or school is properly equipped, well maintained, and appropriately staffed.

Irrespective of the after school program or activity that you choose, ensure that the facility that your child will be using (be it a gym, sports oval, house, or classroom) is up to standards.

You also want your child’s instructors to be certified or be skilled in the particular activity. Don’t go overboard asking about credentials and all that. But its also good to know that the instructors know what they’re doing and are able to teach the class.

6. The travel factor

Even if you choose dance lessons, a creative arts activity, or a team sport, location is important. The regular out-of-town events for big performances or sports match is fine. However, your child won`t be enthusiastic about after-school activities that need many hours of traveling every week. Because of that, you may want to consider the activities that are closer to your home.

The above are six helpful tips in finding the best after-school activities for your kids.

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