6 reasons you should support local businesses

In a community you will always have the big fish and the little fish. The little guys could always use a leg up and there’s actually lots of great benefits to be had when you do support a local business.

Here are just a few good reasons you should be spending your money at your local mom and pop stores.

  1. It strengthens your local economy.

    A strong local economy is important for the well being of your community. Local businesses provide essential jobs for the members of your community. A wonderful cycle of self sufficiency and self sustainability that benefits

  2. Solidifies community identity.

    Local shops are a place that neighbors come together and interact. This makes them a great place to make new friends, hang out and get closer as a community.

  3. Successful small businesses will have a voice in your community.

    Your local shop owners and shopkeepers will always have a vested interest in their home. The more successful they are the more of a voice they’ll have in the local political scene.

  4. Local businesses give back to their community.

    Local stores have a tendency to give more to their community. They find ways of giving back in many different ways.

  5. Supporting a family.

    Spend your money at a local business and you are supporting your neighbor. These families will get to eat, send their kids to school, and continue to be a part of your community.

  6. Specialty products

    Sure big companies have specialties but you can’t beat the local specialty. Usually you’ll find that a close knit, supportive neighborhood will have a favorite place to eat for specific occasions. This is where family traditions and memories are started and passed on.

Support your local stores. Do it everyday. Give them your money and help your community grow.

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