6 things you should know before you buy an electric car

With the release of the electric car came the release of many new questions. Is the electric car good for long drives? How does it run? Will I be getting my money’s worth from investing in one? Many people have been thinking of trying it out, but are unsure of what problems or advantages it holds. Here are 3 pros and 3 cons that you should know before deciding to purchase an electric car.


1. Price

Electric cars are not much more expensive than regular cars. In fact, if you are in the position of purchasing a new regular car, chances are you can afford an electric car. There are many electric cars that sell for an affordable price, thus more accessible and budget-friendly to more people.

2. Maintenance

The maintenance of electric cars is easier to handle than regular cars. Because of the electric car’s usage of battery, its components have much less room for failure. The parts within the electric car function and move more simply.

3. Fuel Economy

You can easily charge your car at home. Electric cars don’t need fuel, so you can expect to make less frequent stops to the gasoline station. You only have to plug your car into a charging port and let it stay overnight, as simple as charging your phone or gadget.


1. Battery Malfunctions

Electric cars have limitations. Batteries tend to suffer through cold weather, and since electric cars make use of lithium batteries, your car could become less efficient. This means that your battery will run out much more rapidly than it normally would in warm weather.

2. Expensive Batteries

The batteries are expensive. Seeing that batteries are the main factor that make electric cars unique, the batteries needed to run and maintain them are quite pricey. The batteries needed are much bigger than regular smartphone batteries, and they are also more complex. Because of this, batteries are in fact the most expensive component of an electric car. Additionally, in the event of a battery failure, you will simply have to replace it.

3. Few Charging Stations

Charging stations are scarcer. If you find yourself traveling long distances, then the charging time you provided your electric car overnight might not cut it. If you end up driving too far from your home and in need of some more power to get back home, you might be in a difficult situation. Cities have yet to establish an adequate amount of charging stations for electric cars.

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  • Love the idea of having a car that’s good for the environment but my town doesn’t have any charging stations so not able to get one…yet.

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