8 myths about chocolate to chew on

Chocolate is one of the most beloved food in the world. As beloved as it is there are several misconceptions we have about this adored treat. Here are a few of the myths that cover our favorite chocolates.

No Nutrition

Chocolate comes from Cocoa and it’s full of antioxidants. It also has iron, potassium, and zinc. So this actually makes chocolate a superfood.

Acne and pimples

Contrary to popular belief we can’t blame our pimples on chocolate. Science has discovered that we can keep eating chocolate without worrying about pimples.

Chocolate brings up your cholesterol

One of the main ingredients of chocolate is flavonoid-rich cocoa. Scientists have discovered that this can actually help lower LDL(bad) Cholesterol and raise HDL(good) Cholesterol.

Chocolate makes you gain weight

If you eat tons of chocolate every sitting, all the time, everyday, then yes, you will gain weight from chocolate. But that is the same for all food. So as much as we love chocolate, everything in moderation and you’ll be able to enjoy chocolate for the long term.

Chocolate makes kids hyperactive

There’s more studies being done about the correlation of chocolate and sugar with kids being hyperactive. Maybe the idea of sugar energizing kids is enough to energize them.

Chocolate has a lot of caffeine

You really can’t eat chocolate in the morning and expect to get that caffeine kick to get you started. Chocolate has small amounts of caffeine but not enough to replace real coffee.

Chocolate induced headaches

Another myth that science has studied. The results show no connection between the 2. Eating your favorite chocolate bar may even help you with your headache.

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac

This might be one of the myths that we all want to be true. But science comes in and has so far not gotten any results that show that chocolate is indeed an aphrodisiac. But maybe we just have to think it and that’s how it works.

There’s a few more myths about chocolate that we’ll leave out. You can do your own research while munching on your favorite chocolate bar.

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