8 things every car owner should know

Many people don’t understand how much upkeep and maintenance a car takes until they have one. Nearly all first-time vehicle owners are not ready for various car routine problems that need to be fixed, or even know what to look for in case of problems. Do you want to be a vehicle owner who understands how to keep your vehicle in good working condition? Here are 8 things that you must know as a car owner.

1. Check your car oil.

Knowing exactly where the oil always goes into your car engine, how to check the level of the oil, and how it drains will help you to avoid many problems. You’ll be able to make sure you are not being given sub-par oil services, or in case your car starts to leak oil or burn as it ages.

2. Practice changing flat tires.

The generic rule to changing your car tires entails just taking off lug nuts, jacking up your vehicle, and swapping out the hub. Make sure you practice changing your tire at home. It is always a good idea to get the first-hand experience before the need to fix a flat by the side of the road. Ensure that you are familiar with the process and tools before you find yourself in the actual situation.

3. Replace windshield wipers.

It is relatively simple to change a wiper blade. However, you need to know which parts fit your model. Besides, knowing how to attach a wiper blade precisely to its housing.

4. Know the process of adding wiper fluid.

This is a simple task that can be finished by just knowing where the reservoir of wiper fluid is located in your vehicle. You’ll have to refill this every now and then.

5. Locate your car battery.

Another important preparation for you as a car owner is to look under the hood at where your car`s battery is located. Some batteries can be accessed easily, while the interior parts block some. You won’t need to replace your battery often but its good to understand what to do when the time does come. Because it may happen out of the blue where your battery runs out of juice.

6. Check the tire pressure.

You should always ensure that your vehicle has the right tire pressure. That way, you will be able to save fuel and avoid severe accidents. You’ll also save your tire tread from becoming uneven, ensuring that your tires won’t need to be replaced earlier.

7. Locate & access belts.

AC belts, Serpentine belts, and others are crucial for keeping a car system going. However, they wear out with time. Know where the belts are placed, what you should look for as far as dry rot, looseness, and other wears are concerned.

That way, you will turn an emergency into a simple fix.

8. Check your car’s coolant levels.

It is vital to know where your coolant tank is placed, and how to check it for appropriate levels and any leakage or cracks. Keep an eye on the temperature indicator in the dashboard.

These are just a few of things that you should know as a car owner. These will help you with your new car.

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  • I’m the only gear head in my family. My brother and sister are horrible at taking care of their cars.

  • I’ve had 4 cars in my life and I’ve always practiced changing the tires on all of them. Something my dad taught me. Never had a problem changing tires so far.

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