8 Things you need to know about Crossfit

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing full body workout routines today. Its goal is to help users work on their conditioning and strength while using their entire body in a routine with different exercises. Crossfit helps you lose weight, despite its effectiveness and popularity, many people don’t know much about CrosFit. The following are Eight things you need to know about CrossFit 1. You don’t need to be young or in great shape to try CrossFit CrossFit is a routine that can be practiced by anybody It is for unfit individuals and sport oriented athletes alike. In fact, many beginners

to CrossFit, and other physical activities will experience fast results if they stick with it. 2. CrossFit works out your mind as well as your body One of the main reasons for gym cancellations has nothing to do with weights and everything to do with the mindset of the individual. CrossFit aims to ally common frustrations and fears by forcing participants to work through their fatigue. 3. CrossFit has a strong connection to Law Enforcement and Military training CrossFit was first established and practiced by officers at the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department. Since then it has become a program of choice for police academies, tactical ops and specialized military teams all over the country. 4. CrossFit commemorated as a set for fallen soldiers In honor of fallen soldiers, ones who undertook CrossFit on their own, the company decided to name a section of workouts in their honor. 5. CrossFit Gyms have exclusive owners It takes more than a wad of cash to purchase into the CrossFit name. To open up your CrossFit “box” you are required to write an essay, pay a yearly fee, complete an application and complete instructor training courses. 6. CrossFit has programs for kids If you need to stay in shape and excel in the mindset along with your family, you can choose the CrossFit Kids Program. It allows you to bring your children to the gym to train with the adolescent training professionals. 7. Official CrossFit outlets have a Paleo Diet Kitchen on their facilities CrossFit users love the Paleo diet, therefore, they decided to make it accessible to their members during the workout. 8. 60% of CrossFit practitioners are Female The intense workout routine has been stigmatized as a masculine activity, when in fact, it’s helpful for both genders. Out of 10 million participants of CrossFit 6 million of them are women.

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