8 tips on how to build the business brand you want

A brand is the overall experience that your existing and potential customers have with your business. This will be the name they associate with your company and their experienve. A strong brand will communicate what your business organization does, and even how it does it. It helps in establishing credibility and trust. Your brand will live in daily interactions with your clients, the texts that you post on your site, the images that you share, your marketing materials content, and your social networks posts. Here are tips

on how to build the business brand you want. 1. Be unique By just being unique, your product will be viewed as being more fun, better designed, and dependable compared to those from your competitors. Make sure that your product or service is a good one though. Unique can be equal to novelty and novelty eventually wears out. Use your uniqueness to hook your customers and then keep them with your outstanding product or service. 2. Grow your community Most of the best brands in the world, such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Skype, and Virgin spend modest sums on the promotion, and instead, they concentrate on establishing and improving their communities. As a small business, you have an extensive range of opportunities to build offline and online communities. You can establish your online communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your business blog, or on any other social network. You should always know that you cannot be in all places at the same time. Therefore, you need to select one or even two areas where you can focus on establishing your community, then invest your resources and time there. 3. Build great services and products Always focus on building excellent services and products even if you are successful. This is the whole customer experience that you want to protect and nurture. Your customers will come back

and bring you new clients if your services and products are what they need, want, and enjoy. 4. Have a good logo and name A strong brand can be recognized easily. You should always know that recognition begins with the name of your company. The name of your business will appear on your websites, business cards, social networks, letterhead, products, promotional materials, and also everywhere on the internet and print to help in identifying your company`s services and products. 5. Find your voice The voice of your company is the personality and language that you, together with your workers, will use when delivering your branding message, and reaching your clients. Use a unique voice. 6. Be consistent Always ensure that any aspect of your brand is as good as your service or product. In addition, present your brand consistently. Balancing consistency with your customers complaints or suggestions can be tricky but you have to do it. Be consistent with your strengths as a company and identify your weaknesses and work on those. Consistent improvement is the sign of a growing, successful company. 7. Keep all your promises You will really tarnish your relationship with your clients if you fail to keep your promises. This is very important because your clients will share their experiences with your brand. Failed promises is not any kind of publicity that you want. 8. Deliver value You can focus on customer service, product leadership, or operational excellence. You need to give your customers more than what your products is. This can come in the form of great customer service, understanding policies, open communication, and many other ways.

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  • As a customer its all about service for me. If you don’t have great service you will hear me complain.

  • Business Owners please train your employees to know their products. It can get annoying when they can’t answer questions or explain anything about what they’re supposed to be selling.

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