Benefits of after school activities

Search for benefits of after school activities and you’ll find a whole host of benefits come popping up on your screen. From physical to mental and social benefits, there’s no denying after school activities are great for children.


Regular physical activity would help combat today’s problem of obesity as well as get them away from too much screen time. Not all after school activities have to be physical in nature but if they are then your child will benefit from getting regular exercise.


Socially, children can make new friends, learn to interact socially with others and build confidence in themselves. And in a world dominated by tablets, mobile phones and being constantly connected through the internet, face to face social interaction takes a back seat.


With so many different activities to choose from, they allow a person to excel in different fields and not just in academics. By doing these activities a children can work of excess energy which leads to happier and more balanced children.

Life Skills

They can also teach them life skills that will carry them through the rest of their lives. They might discover a hidden talent or passion, which in turn could become a career or lifelong activity for them.

Hopefully there is an accessible after school activity that you can let your children do. Get them out there, learning and experiencing new things as they grow.

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