The best stationery brands you’ll want to spend your money on

Today’s technology-driven world may have eliminated manual paperwork and the need for stationery but things are changing. Receiving a greeting card or hand-written letter in the mail is a treat and it is making a comeback.

Take a look at the top 10 stationery brands you can use to send a heartfelt, handwritten message;

1. Rifle Paper Co.

This company is leading the stationery design revolution. Their inspiration is travel and vintage art which is beautifully illustrated in their Botanical Notebooks. Their greeting cards are also great.

2. IdleWild Co.

This used to be Rocket Ink and it had humble beginnings at the Renegade Festivals in McCarren Park in Brooklyn. Today, it is a leading stationery brand.

3. Sugar Paper LA

It’s all sweet designs from this brand. They are a class act when it comes to simple design with a touch of elegance.

4. Oh My Deer Handmades

This brand is the brainchild of Chelsea Petaja, wife of leading wedding photographer Tec Petaja. Her handmade stationery will definitely have you going, oh dear, when you get something from her brand. Just ask Pharrell or check out his Instagram.

5. Ladyfingers LetterPress

Anything written on this stationery will give the recipient a hearty laugh. This is thanks to the great puns and idioms that are so beautifully illustrated.

6. Yours is the earth

Send out something on this brand of stationery and recipient will get the message as well as sudden, urgent hunger pangs. That’s what the natural food designs on the greeting cards and other stationery will do.

7. Wildfield Company Co.

This stationery is new but it has steadily taken itself up there where it is counted as one of the best brands. Annie Mertlich started the company in March after taking part in the Vintages Whites Market where she got a pretty good response. Her handcrafted greeting cards for instance have amazing art and typography.

8. Happy Menocal

Anyone who gets something written on this brand will definitely be a happy camper. This is because this is the name of the watercolor and ink artist who created the brand. Another reason is that the cute and whimsical designs such as on the greeting cards. Happy has also been commissioned to do work for Anthropologie and Jonathan Adler so you can be sure this is one impressive brand.

9. Hammerpress

This brand started by doing album posters for local bands. Today, they do fantastic greeting cards with a creative rock’n’roll vibe.

10. Meesch

Look no further than Meesch for sayings put on everything from greeting cards to notebooks and yes, pillows.

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