Businesses need a good sign, here’s why…

As everyone knows businesses use all kinds signs to display their wares, services and to make the general public aware of their existence. Unfortunately for them they can all become a bit dull when you have the same old signage advertising the same old businesses. However, if a business decides to do something a little bit different and even better decides to use humor to get its point across, then it becomes much more memorable and more importantly it is much more likely to get the business if they get it right, always an important consideration, but especially in the economic times we now find ourselves. If they are really lucky like the ones shown here, people will take photographs of them and display them on their social media sites, thereby giving the establishment even more publicity. Even if (or because) the humor comes about accidentally then that just causes even more laughter and lets be honest about this, you can never have too much laughter in the world. I hope some of these tickle your funny bone as much as they have mine: As you know if you run a business, giving accurate information to potential clients is essential: What more could you possibly need to know here? Sometimes signs can be a happy coincidence, at least for the casual observer if not for those requiring the service offered. Or then of course there is always the reasonable suggestion, and the warning if it you take no notice. I must admit these are my favorites : Or how about the ones that make

you stop and think? Of course we all I find honesty to be the best policy.. Those that leave you asking why? And last but by no means least, those who just use signs to get their message across.. There are of course plenty more out there in the ether, but by far the best way to see signs like these is to keep your eyes open and discover them for yourself, as I said at the beginning you can never have to much laughter in the world.

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