A cat lover’s guide to home furnishings

There are three main things that you are going to need to be aware of as far as protecting your home furnishings when you have a cat. The first one of these things is that you are going to need to make sure that you do everything that you can to prevent the cat from scratching your furniture. This means that you need to trim their claws as much as possible. You could also buy your cat a scratch post and some toys to play with. Plus if you spray your furniture down with a deterrent, that is going to help the cats to stay away from your furniture. It is very important that you do not yell at your cat when you catch them scratching your furniture because then they will do it behind your back.

The second one of these things is that you are going to have to deal with a lot of shedding from your cat. This means that you are going to need to bathe and brush them on a regular basis. If your cat does not like baths, then you could just wipe them down. The best way to protect your home furnishings from the cat hair, is to put a throw on the furniture that the cat likes to sit on the most. You could buy your cat a bed so that they have their own personal place to sit. To remove the cat hair very easily, just use a lint roller over your furniture. Then if you have wooden furniture, you might want to use a damp cloth.

The third one of these things is that there is going to be a lot more dirt in your home. This is because when your cat uses its litter box, then they are going to track the contents of the litter box throughout the house. You will also need to put a mat underneath the cat’s food bowls and then wash the mats every couple of days so that you do not have to wipe up your cat everyday. The best way that you are going to be able to keep the cat from walking on your home furnishings is to clean them with a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar. But if you really do not want your cat in an area, then you can just keep all of those doors closed.

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  • My cat would scratch up my pillows all the time. Finally I got a scratching post and my pillows have been safe. My advice, get a scratching post when you get a cat.

  • Thank you. I never heard of the lemon juice and vinegar mix before. I tried it out and it worked well.

  • My cat does not like to take a bath at all. Thanks for the wiping them down tip. I’ll give it a try and hope she will be ok with it.

  • I agree Nancy. My Sebastian loves his scratching post. Although I had to buy 3 different ones until we found one that he likes. We gave the first 2 away to other cat owners and I’m glad my furniture is safe now.

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