Why you should consider minimalist furniture for your home

A house is not a home, simply because a house is only a roof above your head, whereas a home is a special, personal place that offers comfort and calming solitude. However, in this age of malls and stores, household furniture is becoming much easier to come by. Thus, our homes are becoming increasingly cluttered with unnecessary furniture. How can we make our homes into the private place of retreat that it once was?

The answer is simple. Simplify your lifestyle. This is because adapting the Less is More philosophy into your lifestyle, specifically your home furniture, has excellent benefits both financially and mentally. Let’s talk about some of the benefits to be enjoyed from minimalist furniture: Less cleaning. A home filled with decor, ornaments, and bulky furniture such as travel souvenirs, sofas, and couches is likely going to need higher maintenance. Indeed, it may be extravagant and beautiful, but beauty can also be found in simplicity. With the minimalist style, there would only be a select amount of furniture that would need to be dusted off. Less is More indeed, because less cleaning is more time for hobbies, recreational activities, and work.

Less stress. Simple, neutral designs are known to give psychological balance. It is said that the clutter in your work space reflects the clutter and anxiety in your mind. Coming home to an untidy home then leads to gloominess and a lack of productivity. Once this clutter is cleared, so will your anxiety. The bare furniture and open space can calm your mind and brighten your mood, allowing increased productivity and happiness.

Less spending. Furniture can be quite expensive, and oftentimes, you won’t even use all your chairs and sofas. Narrowing down your furniture to only what will truly be needed will allow you

to spend a lot less than you otherwise would have. No more little accent pieces, no more artwork on the walls, and no more unnecessary spending. And once again, Less spending is more money and savings.

Fortunately, minimalism is becoming a growing trend among modern interior designers, so if you do opt to try out the minimalist style for your home furniture, you will not have a hard time setting it up. Enjoy your minimalist furniture design and remember, less is more!

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  • There’s a certain mindset needed if you want to be a minimalist. Its not necessarily cheap but more of living simple.

  • I like it but its not for everyone. Some of my friends definitely are not for the minimalist style.

  • There are new types of furniture in the market nowadays that are really useable for the home but they are a bit pricey. Functionality in each home is a big consideration if you are wanting to be a minimalist. There are a lot of things to consider especially if you have kids.

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