Difference between structured and unstructured activities for kids

We’ve talked about the benefits of activities. Now let’s talk about 2 basic differences between activities. Structured and Unstructured. Structured and unstructured activities are of equal importance. Both have educational benefits. The challenge is to find the right balance.

Unrestricted Activities

The easiest because you just let your children lose in a safe environment in which they can choose to play with whatever strikes their fancy as well as any activity they wish to engage in. This is also called Free Play and for kids, they can be limitless. Legos are a good example of these. A child can create anything with these blocks. Letting them loose on the playground or another are where they can choose what to do, how to play, and who to play with. If he/she were to follow the instructions to achieve a certain objective, this then becomes a structured activity.

Structured Activity

Activities that has a set of rules that they need to follow in order to obtain a certain objective. But really, a child who is playing is often doing a structured and unstructured activity without even thinking about it. For example, a child may choose to put together a puzzle or transform a toy into a secondary figure. Both structured and unstructured activities are a necessity for a well-rounded child, they teach a child how to work for a goal, work well with others and to work creatively.

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