Different types of camping you can choose from

Camping has gained popularity over the years and has given campers quality time in natural surroundings in pursuit of fun activities. If you choose to go camping, you need to pick the appropriate equipment to help you enjoy your holiday at relatively low costs. If you are new to camping, these are some of the basic types of camping.

1. Campsite Camping It is one of the most common forms of camping out there. You can decide to pay for a pitch on a campsite for a period of time with your friends, family (preferably large ones) and your spouse. Having a dedicated pitch means you can have your space and be surrounded by other individuals camping on the same campsite. Usually, campsite camping has their rules, so it is essential that you read and comprehend these rules before you decide to go camping. At campsites, there are camping facilities including shower room and toilets.

2. Wild Camping When you go wild camping, you need to carry necessary tools and equipment (only what you need), since you are carrying them in your

rucksack. Wild camping involves pitching a tent in a non-sanctioned campsite. If you plan to go wild camping, ensure that you get permission from the landowner or other any significant authorities.

3. Glamping Glamping is glamorous camping. It is a type of camping whose participants don’t involve themselves in the demanding aspects of camping (i.e. pitching a tent, unrolling your sleeping bag, building a fire, etc.). The amenities (washrooms, toilets, etc.) found at glamping destinations exceed anything recreational campers experience.

4. Festival Camping Festival camping varies in size depending on the kind of festival taking place. You are required to have sufficient camping gear on site. Festival campers usually opt for cheaper and smaller festivals (camp alone or with a friend). It is worth considering the size of the festival and ensuring that you carry an appropriate tent size to the campsite. Festivals have rules regarding the size of tents participants are allowed to pitch or the type of cooking equipment to carry among other things. The above are some of the types of camping available. The choice is yours to determine which camp to attend whether Glamping or wild camping. Provided you have the desired camping gear and finances to ensure an unforgettable experience out there.

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  • The only type of camping I haven’t tried on this list is glamping. Sounds nice though, will have to try it out.

  • My family usually rents a cabin in the mountains and we “camp”. It can be fun but it depends on the family members who go.

  • My husband’s family are avid campers but I’m not a big fan of roughing it. So I let him have his camping time with his friends and family. It gives me a chance to have time for myself too.

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