Different workouts to help you lose weight

If you’re trying to lose weight but you’re not sure where to start or how to start here’s a quick guide that’ll help you get started on your workout. You don’t have to go to the gym to be able to do any of these workouts.

First up is good old walking. Yes, walking is a great place to start your step towards a healthier you. If you’re afraid of causing injury to your joints, start losing weight by walking around 20-30 minutes a day. It’s simple and effective. As you get used to the initial workout, start adding inclines to your route and a longer time.

Next is swimming. Not everyone will have access to a pool but if you do, it’s a great way to get in shape. Swimming regularly burns fat and will tone your muscles. This is also a great place if you’re overweight; the water lessens the stress on your joints.

Zumba is a fun way to lose weight! What’s more exciting is that there are various forms of zumba to choose from. A regular zumba dance class is the perfect place to start. When you’ve gotten your bearings, you might try zumba toning, sentao or strong. If you’ve got kids, they even have classes specifically geared towards them.

Running is another great and inexpensive way to get in shape and lose weight. You can choose the locale, speed and time you’ll spend running. As each running session gets easier, you can change up the route, adding more hills and rougher terrain to have a bit more challenge and flavour to your routine.

Cycling is also a fun and challenging workout you can add to your list of things to do, though it can be a bit pricey. You’ve got to decide what kind of bike you want and how much you want to invest into it. But, with a bike, you not only workout, get healthier and lose weight, you might even be able to use it to get to work.

You can keep yourself centered with Yoga. It’s low impact, slow and grounding. It’s the perfect exercise that will benefit your body and mind but your spirit as well, not to mention flexibility. There are a variety to choose from. You have the hasa yoga, which is basically the bigger umbrella of yoga, bikram yoga, which is yoga in a hot room so you sweat and release the toxins in your body, anti-gravity yoga, which is yoga in a hammock to name a few.

Martial arts is such a useful form of exercise. It strengthens you mentally and physically. But as you strengthen your body, you’ll also learn to defend yourself or at least hit where it hurts. Again, there are so many martial arts to choose from. Aikido focuses more on grappling, taekwondo more on kicks and Kali more on making every hit count.

Crossfit has become quite popular. It’s a full body workout that’s high impact and core strengthening. Though the regimen may be short, it’s full of intense sets and repetitions. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t able to finish a whole workout on your first go. You build your stamina, your core and strength as you go along.

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