Dream jobs for the outdoor lover and wanderer

Working doesn’t always mean giving up the great outdoors for a cubicle or an office. Outdoor enthusiasts can find work connected to different outdoor activities that they might love. There are a lot of jobs out there that many people fall into or actually get into as a career. It’s not too late for some of these jobs if you think you want to change up your work.


Taking pictures isn’t all about selfies and models. Wildlife photographers travel all around and they get to take in fantastic scenery and amazing wildlife moments.


Not all science happens in a lab. There are many branches of science that will have you traveling and going outside, taking samples, doing research. Marine Biology, Ecology, Geology, Environmental Science, to name a few.

Outdoor guide

The usual requirements for this job is being familiar with the site you will be working at. You don’t have to be a native to the area. If you get to know the park or the activity really well you could get the job.


There are many outdoor activities that you could be an instructor for. Some may require more certification or education while others may just need experience. Scuba Diving, Sky Diving, Skiing are just a few outdoor instructor jobs out there.

Pilot or Flight Attendant

You do spend a lot of your time inside a plane but you get to travel around a lot and see different places. To be a pilot you need to go to flight school. Flight Attendants will also require a certain amount of studying or certification in order to get work.


You can be self employed if you have the land for it. Be a farmer and you’ll be working outdoors. There are also ways to travel the world by volunteering at farms around the world.


You don’t necessarily have to write about traveling but it helps. Traveling can help you write your novel or even get your blog going.

If you want to trade in your desk job for any of them start asking around and see if your dream can become a reality.

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