Dress up for winter with this handy guide to winter 2014 trends

Winter fashion has a bad reputation. Known for being mundane, drab, and boring, 2014 has brought six new trends that break the mold; some might break the bank!

1. The Color Red

The color red has carried over the last few seasons. The trend has gone from candy apple red, to burgundy for 2014.

2. Metallic Gold

Designers have the Midas touch because gold is everywhere. Big gold cuffs, handbags, dresses, coats, boots, and everything else you can think of has been spotted on runways and racks all over the world.

3. Optical Monochrome

Prints come back every season but this year, optical monochrome is one of the hottest looks.

4. Military

The military look, particularly camouflage anything is hot, hot, hot! Coats, pants, dresses, fabrics, and furs are popular.

5. Jogger Jeans

Jogger jeans are a across between skinny jeans and harem pants. You get the fit without the pants being skintight. Casual comfort that you can dress up with just about anything.

6. Separates

The body dress, maxi dress, and bandage dress have converted into separates. Now you can mix and match styles, textures, layers, and colors to fit any occasion.

Knit separates are a popular trend too. Comfort, functionality, and convenience have given “The Leisure Suit” a modern comeback.

7. 60’s

Every era rotates in these fashion cycles. But the 60’s just won’t stop coming back. Last year Mod was in, this winter the Bob hairstyle has made a strong comeback, paired with an updated turtleneck baby doll dress completes a trendy wardrobe.

8. Fur

Available in rich colors and outlandish patterns the fur trend is taking a walk on the wild side. Red, purple, blue, and even orange fur has been all over Instagram this winter. Coats, trim, hats,gloves, and handbags will keep you warm and looking hot. PETA friendly options are available.

9. Timberland Boots

You may not understand it, but you have to respect a company like Timberland for making a comeback this year. Other boots might be somewhat popular, but Timberland boots are the catch of the season. Paired with the military look and a pair of camouflage jogger jeans for the perfect winter outfit.

10. Lumberjack Shirt, Jacket, and Dress

Plaid lumberjack shirts are coming out of the forest and into closets everywhere. A more polished version of the plaid lumberjack button down shirt is sexy as ever. Thanks to Beyonce every girl needs one paired with those Timberlands and that burgundy lipstick to be flawless!

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  • For me fur is the go to choice for any winter coat – it’s fashionable, sexy and always faux – and this year makes no difference. H&M has some pretty cool ones this year but my favorite are the Topshop ones. As for boots, I remember hating Timberland boots when I was younger but now I have two pairs after seeing so many fashion bloggers rocking these boots.

  • Have to say I hate jogger pants, I don’t think they look good on anyone and don’t think they’re more comfy than a normal, relaxed fit pair of jeans.

  • This list might be from 2014, but from what I’ve seen most of these fashions never go out of style.

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