Easy vegan nutrition tips for optimal health

Whether you are new to the vegan community or you have been there for ages, you need to know all the vegan tips that will assure that you maintain a healthy diet. Some of the major concerns of any aspiring vegans are the source of proteins, calcium, vitamin B12, and DHA. As much as you want to stick to your beliefs of keeping away from any animal products you should also be able to do this without compromising your body health.

To assure that you don’t suffer from protein deficiency, you should know where to get proteins. Contrary to the common belief human beings don’t need animal proteins to be healthy, high amounts of proteins are in fact too much proteins are actually harmful to your body health. Some of the best sources for high quality proteins for vegans are soy products, seitan which is a wheat product, legumes such as beans, nuts, and grains; finally you can also get your protein from vegetables such the infamous artichokes. As you can clearly see no vegan should have any kind of protein deficiency as all the mentioned sources are readily available in the grocery stores and the supermarket.

Turning our heads to the other source of headache for aspiring vegans, you will find that calcium is also easy to find for body nourishment. Most people believe that one can only get calcium from drinking cow’s milk; well this is not the only way you can get strong bones and teeth. Leafy green vegetables such as kales and

collards offer an excellent source of calcium vegan vitamin. On this stack you will also fins foods like broccoli, Tempe, blackstrap molasses and more. These foods are not only a good source of calcium but also a very

healthy nutritional choice that will nourish your body with all the required nutrients and also give a low calorie intake while at it.

Finally when it comes to the vegan vitamin B12 and DHA or in other words amino acids, the answer is quite simple. Am sure at one time or the other you have heard of food supplements, they are widely accepted and will give that same nutritional value as the real food will. One of the best things about this food is that you don’t have to prepare and you can take them on the go!

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  • You’d think that vegans wouldn’t have to really worry about vitamins anymore but we have to. You still need to know what kind of vitamins your food contains and you need to know what you need. Its not all about eating the same salad all the time.

  • I’ve been thinking about becoming vegan but this article has me concerned. How difficult is it to make sure you are getting all the vitamins you need. I don’t mind preparing my own food because I’ll know whats in it but this makes it sound a lot more complicated.

  • Elizabeth – It doesn’t have to be complicated. Mainly its just learning what you need and what you can eat to get it. The internet is a good place to find information.

  • You are so right Todd. So many people assume that any kind of salad or leaf makes a complete meal already but that is not the case.

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