Eating healthy at Fast Food restaurants

Fast Food restaurants get a bad rap for not being healthy and science has the facts to back up the negative news. But we still can’t stay away from their convenient and yummy food. So if Fast Food is here to stay then maybe we can choose the healthier food that they bring to the table.

Many fast food restaurants have brought healthier options to their menus. You’ll find salads, wraps, sandwiches, and other healthier options. Some even have “hidden” menus that might be worth discovering and trying out.

Chipotle tries to use organic food, local ingredients, and naturally raised animals. Most of their offerings also include beans and veggies.

Subway is a well known fast food chain that serves healthy food. And if you haven’t heard of the Subway diet then we don’t know where you’ve been hiding. They serve sandwiches and salads and you can personalize them yourself so you can watch what you eat.

The Cheesecake Factory doesn’t sound like a healthy choice and they weren’t but they’ve since added a new menu called the, SkinnyLicious menu. This menu has healthier ingredients and smaller sizes compared to their normal menu.

KFC is known for their delicious fried chicken. We like to drown it in gravy. But we digress. KFC has begun to offer grilled chicken, which is healthier than fried. They’ve also got salads to go with your grilled chicken.

McDonald’s is on this list because they’ve started to add healthy food to their menu too. If you want to see for yourself, next time order their grilled chicken and salad.

Whenever your find yourself at a Fast Food joint and want to eat healthy ask the cashier. Or you might want to go easy on the add ons and sauces. You should also take a look at the breakfast meals they have, especially if they serve all day breakfast. To finish up, kiddie meals may also be a viable option when you eat at a fast food restaurant. We hope this helps and enjoy your meals.

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