Essential furniture for a bachelor/bachelorette pad

As a bachelor or bachelorette, you have complete freedom to furnish your space the way you like. The following essentials are both functional and if chosen well, they can make a statement of style as well.


There are different makes and types of them and there is something to suit every budget. You will enjoy going home to sink into your LazyBoy. These can be expensive. Wait for a great deal and snap one up. You’ll also want to look at the space you have.


You’ll most likely have your boys or girls over and you’ll need a nice sofa for them to sit on. If you have space, go for a sectional sofa that you can easily change up and that can seat many. You can also go for sofas with recliner function.

Coffee table

Glass goes with everything. Go for a glass top coffee table which is also very easy to clean. If you are a reader or in a small place where you need to maximize the space, go for a sturdy storage table where you can stash your books or magazines.


This will depend greatly on your cooking skills. If you have the skills of a chef then you should already know what you’ll need for your kitchen. If you can’t even boil water then you should only get kitchen appliances and gear that you’ll be able to use. It is also a good idea to learn how to cook. You’ll be able to feed yourself and maybe even cook for a special someone.

Entertainment center

You’ll probably spend some nights in catching a game, movie or some TV. An entertainment unit can be the center of your living room. Choose one that will hold your TV if it isn’t wall mounted as well your music system and collection of music and movie CDs and DVDs.

If you are tech-savvy, there is probably a Blu-ray player with a web-streaming set-top box instead of a bunch of DVDs. A lot of TVs and Blu-ray players have integrated streaming. There are also well-priced standalone boxes such as Apple TV and Roku that you can add to make up where other hardware is lacking.


Your bed will be the main piece in your bedroom. Choose one for the function of a comfortable place to sleep in and the aesthetic of a nice centerpiece. There is an unlimited choice of beds from sleigh beds, four-posters, wrought iron beds and leather headboard beds. Choose to suit your taste and your personality.


Floors and walls are the two largest spaces you will have. Add accents and accessories to create an effect and to make a place look warmer and more inviting.

Choose carpets, floor rugs and art for your wall that express your personality and that work with the furniture you have. Functional accessories like clocks and mirrors can also be chosen to add aesthetic value to a room.

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