Essential motorcycle gear for beginners

You went out and bought your first motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous proposition. You also need to purchase essential motorcycle gear required for your personal safety while riding your new motorcycle. This will make taking your motorcycle out for a ride both safer and give you more confidence you can make it through the journey.

What kind of motorcycle equipment and gear do you need to purchase? Below we talk about the things you need to pick up to make riding your new motorcycle more fun and safer.

  • A helmet

Some motorcycle enthusiasts believe you don’t need a helmet, but in many states and regions of the world wearing a helmet is required by law. We suggest all beginners purchase a helmet made by one of the top manufacturers.

  • Motorcycle jacket

All beginning motorcycle riders should purchase a leather jacket made for motorcycle riders. These jackets are not normally sold in stores, so you’ll probably have to look online or a motorcycle leather shop near you.

  • Leather riding pants

Purchase a solid pair of leather motorcycle riding pants while you’re getting your motorcycle jacket. These pants can often be worn over a pair of jeans for added protection.

  • Leather riding gloves

All beginning motorcycle riders need to purchase leather riding gloves or something made of a very strong material made to resist heat. Selecting different pairs depending on the season is also a good idea and should make it safer to ride from season to season.

  • Thick, long socks

Wear thick, long socks that extend over the top of the boot to protect your skin that don’t slide down the leg.

  • Motorcycle riding boots

Purchase full length motorcycle boots with no laces, if you can. Laces can come undone and cause a significant hazard while riding for a beginning rider. Ensure the boots you purchase have a thick rubber sole and heel between you and the road surface.

  • Rain suit

Rain can be a significant hazard while riding for a beginning rider. Purchase either a one-piece or two-piece rain suit to keep you dry when it begins to rain while riding your new motorcycle.

  • Ear plugs

Purchase a nice fitting pair of ear plugs to protect your sensitive ears from loud noises while riding.

  • Flat kit

Getting a flat tire while riding a motorcycle is often something new riders will experience. Make sure to purchase a flat tire kit to help repair any leaks.

  • Reflective vest

You need to purchase a reflective vest to wear at night while riding.

  • First aid kit

You should also take a good first aid kit along on any motorcycle rides.

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  • I agree with the list of items listed above. One can’t be too careful. I have suggested the same to my brother who has a motorcyle.

  • These items are all so important. I know in the summertime it might be uncomfortable wearing them, but for me, I would rather be safe than comfortable.

  • I’m super giddy, I’ll buy my first bike next month and I seriously can’t believe I’m so close to it. Right now I only have a helmet and am looking for a more budget friendly jacket and boots, can you recommend some brands?

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