Fascinating Fast food facts to know

Like it or not Fast food is here to stay. They’re not the healthiest sources for our meals but they do serve a function in our society. But there’s a lot of interesting facts about the fast food world that many of us don’t know. Here’s just a few of them. (Be warned that some of the facts may scar you for life or at least until you start carving fast food again)

  • Fast food doesn’t spoil. Some food items at your favorite fast food restaurants won’t go bad. A photographer tested this on a McDonald’s burger. After 5 months it still looked like it was fresh off the line.
  • One hamburger can have meat coming from 100 different cows.
  • Flame grilled is actually a bottled flavor. We don’t know how exactly but a company sells flame grilled flavoring.
  • Subway is actually the biggest fast food chain in the world. We thought it was McDonalds but Subway has more stores than they do.
  • In 2001 Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station. All in all the price tag as around $1,000,000.
  • Fast food salads have more calories than Big Macs. Not all fast food salads of course but think about that.
  • White Castle was the first Fast Food restaurant. They opened in 1921 but before that burgers weren’t considered as proper food. People thought of them as food for the poor.
  • Coffee in Styrofoam cups can make you sad. Styrofoam cups have a neurotic called Styrene. This can cause depression and also affects concentration. Hot and acidic drinks are good at pulling it out of Styrofoam so that hot coffee may not be giving you a boost at all.
  • We spend nearly $600 Billion on fast food today.

We hope our little factoid tidbits were enough to tickle your curiosity. Be careful if you go looking around for more fast food facts because they may scare you away from fast food for good. Which can actually be a good thing.

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