Finding the Beauty Vlogger for you

Getting a hold of the latest make-up trends or that specific color match or make-up brand can be daunting. Not to mention that you’ll probably have to order it online because the store nearest you doesn’t carry that particular line or you can’t even get it where you live. Which means, you can’t swatch anything.

Here’s where beauty vloggers come in. If you’re intimidated by make-up or have little to no clue on how to use make-up, you’ve probably exploded youtube on your road to “make-up self-help 101”. Here are a few beauty vloggers that we’ve found are worth taking a look at. Chances are though, you already recognize a few names.

I’ve found that taking a good look at yourself in the mirror and then finding a vlogger that matches your skin tone and features is the best way to go.

Find a beauty vlogger that actively vlogs. Unless you are looking for a specific product, it’s best to pick a vlogger that’s always trying new things and has a huge following. You can find some hidden gems by watching them try a new product.

Different vloggers have different styles and “focuses”. You may want to go with a “fresh” look or a more “dramatic” look.

Find one who listens to their subscribers. I’ve found that those who listen to their subscribers also end up testing more products. Make sure you can listen to them!

Jaclyn Hill – She’s easy to listen to, bubbly and positive.

Kathleen Lights – She’s real. She’s got a lot of collabs.

Zoella – She’s got a wide range of videos from make-up tutorials to DIY videos.

It’smyrayeraye – She’s so much fun! She makes you want to buy the products she gives good reviews too.

Jen Chae – Simple make-up tutorials that give you a more “fresh” look.

Michelle Phan – So much diversity in her videos.

Tina Yong – She’s tried some silly things that

Nyma Tang – She’s gorgeous! And because of her unique skin tone, she’s learned to mix and match different products to get that perfect look.

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