Fragrances and personality

It is well known in the Fashion field that people wear fragrances to enhance their personal appeal and are expressions of identity. Fragrances should be chosen carefully and should match one’s own body and spirit. For example, a man who wears a fresh aftershave cologne might suggest he is an outdoors man and wants to portray that image of himself. A woman wearing a light fragrance from Bath and Body Works most likely wants to feel fresh and not portray a seductive image.

Fragrances also make a style statement about a person. If they like a strong perfume, for example, it might suggest that their personality is of the strong and assertive type and they want to be noticed in a crowd. If they choose a light vanilla fragrance, however, it might be that their personality is light and somewhat introverted, yet they want to leave a pretty scent behind as they pass by. Musk fragrances are typically known for their sexual appeal, as they combine with an individual’s pheromones.

If a person is fond of flowers, for example, such as a gardener or florist, he or she might choose a fragrance of gardenia or rose blossoms. Toilet waters are considered a bit lighter than their counterpart, perfume. Perfume is a much more concentrated liquid fragrance that one should use sparingly so as to not over-do the effect.

Young people typically prefer the fresh fragrance effects of a body splash with a light lemon or flower flair. These fragrances tend to suggest active and social personality and hint at noticeability. Also, these fragrances can enhance the fresh feeling after a bath or shower.

Style and fragrance appear to be compatible with one’s personality, also. The woman who is attending a formal function, for example, might choose a perfume rather than a body splash fragrance. The professional tennis player might choose a light body splash fragrance that will complement the natural sweating process that her/his body will produce after running, jumping and hitting. Fragrances should be used and chosen according to personality, body scent and activity.

Sometimes cost of fragrance will play into the choosing of which to purchase. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Choosing a lighter toilet water or body splash suggesting your personality type and soul in the fragrance that appeals to you is better than spending an entire paycheck on a perfume that is too heavy that will not only weigh your checkbook down, but might not work for your activity or personality.

Most importantly, have fun choosing a fragrance. Buy tiny samples, try tiny samples. Get feedback from your soul as well as others around you. Have fun!

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  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and My Burberry Eau de Toilette are my current favorite designer fragrances! I love asking for samples at the makeup counter as it’s a great way to try before you buy.

  • I discovered My Burberry this spring and nothing can compare with this one, it’s insane. The floral touches are perfect, regardless if it’s summer or winter and I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

  • Fancy and strong smelling perfumes affect my nostrils so much. The samples that they have in stores are really great when choosing one that will make you feel great.

  • I’m not very picky when it comes to perfumes but one thing I can’t stand, those super uber sweet perfumes, they make me puke. Other than this, I can wear anything, from any brand, regardless if it’s Avon or Chanel.

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