Free up some closet space and donate your old winter clothes to these organizations

As the seasons’ styles change so does everyone’s taste in clothing. Some people are constantly changing their looks with what’s in style while others wear what they want. The one thing that remains the same is that each and everyday people are throwing away their used, unwanted, and sometimes perfectly unworn clothes.

This year instead of throwing them out help a friend or a stranger in need and donate. Here’s a list of organizations that accept all types of clothes. Some give them away for free and others resell them for a low price.

Good Will is a commonly known distribution center. It accepts all types of clothes you can even donate shoes, toys, movies, furniture, appliances and just about everything aside from food. Good Will does have a standard that every item donated has to pass. The items that meet the requirements are put on the racks for sale. Usually the items are priced decently low, and there’s usually a sale everyday.

Plato’s Closet is another store that’s a lot like Good Will except Plato’s Closet only accepts name brand clothes and shoes. They’re strictly a retail store. They don’t accept the wide range of items like Good Will does. They do have standards on their donated items such as no stains, rips, broken or worn down items.

The Salvation Army is a huge non profit organization known worldwide. They accept all kinds of donations all year. They donate the items to families in need when there’s natural disasters. A lot of times they set up drop off and pick up donations for those who are effected by the disasters. During the holidays, mostly Christmas, they have volunteers ringing bells outside of locations such as Wal-Mart and Big lots where people can donate even the smallest amount of money to the salvation army. The money donated is used to get Christmas gifts for needy families.

Clothes4Souls is a small non profit organization that accepts donations from anyone who’s willing to donate. All donations are in efforts to fight poverty and help those in need.

Dress for Success is an organization centered around women in the work place. They take donations mostly dress items that are donated to women in need of work attire. The organization also helps women find jobs and remain employed.

These are just five of the many non profit/profit organizations out there that help. Some of these such as Good Will and Plato’s closet isn’t an actual organization it’s a company, but it still does its part to help those in need.

So next time your thinking about throwing something away, anything from a couch to a t-shirt, remember there’s a better place for it.

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  • I keep a minimalist wardrobe. I make sure that all clothes that are not worn are given to various organizations to help with others who can actually use them.

  • Another great idea is to search for local groups on Facebook that do homeless outreach. They are always in need of clothes of all sizes.

  • Every spring and fall I reorganize my closet and the clothes that don’t fit in with my style anymore are stored in boxes and end up at Goodwill. My sister steals most of my dresses and coats that I don’t wear anymore so nothing gets thrown out, everything is either donated to Goodwill or to my family and friends.

  • I’d say the odd man out on this list is Plato’s Closet, as it isn’t so much of a donation center as it is a consignment shop – they pay you for your clothing. Good way to make a couple extra bucks.

  • My dressing is super full but I never feel like I have enough clothes so last month I had a dressing makeover and donated everything that I didn’t wear in a long time, either because it didn’t fit or I didn’t like it anymore. As a huge thrift store fan I’m also happy when I happen to stumble upon nice clothes, usually vintage stuff, so I’m always happy to give back.

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