Funniest signs from around the world

Signs are much more than visual displays or messages. In fact, they play an essential role in global and broad based communications. From street signs and banners to online postings, signs can be incredibly creative and witty. In recent years, a number of signs from across the globe have garnered worldwide and social media recognition. They have also gone viral and continue to make millions of people chuckle and laugh. This includes Ellen Degeneres and CNN, who showcase these hilariously absurd signs on their respective shows nightly. If you love comedic messages, the following signs offer hilarity at its finest.

Signs That Make You Go Huh?

A local London spa generated mass humor with a sign that read “Caution: Use at Your Own Risk”. The sign was posted above a stack of freshly laid out towels. So hilarious was this sign that it made its way to Reader’s Digest and several comedy based sites. There were other entries from London as well, including one from a power plant that said “post no signs.” Perhaps the funniest sign emanated from a Southall establishment: “IF DOOR DOES NOT OPEN – DO NOT ENTER”. Its signs like these that truly keep our sense of humor and youth intact.

Road Sign Frolics

Everyone loves a good prank now and then. No truer is this then when it comes to road and traffic signs. The city of Sugar Land, Texas, was recently bombarded by a number of road sign pranks and jokes. This included “RED PEE AHEAD”, which was originally a sign that read “REDUCE SPEED AHEAD”. This prank initially started on University Boulevard with copycat pranksters defacing similar signs throughout Greater Houston. The joke did cost the city some money, it even made national headlines and spawned a number of other intentional and unintentional funny signs. This included:

  • Keep Right with the arrow pointing left – St. Louis, MO.
  • Please do not throw your cigarettes ends on the floor, the cockroaches are getting cancer – New York City.
  • “GOA WAY” – street in Goa, India.
  • Heavy Pedestrian Traffic with the image altered to resemble an obese person – Ohio.
  • “Garbage Only No Trash” – this sign received a slate of honors – Edison, NJ.
  • “Road Closed” – the sign was more than halfway submerged in a Louisiana swamp.

Social Media Signs

With over 750,000 million users, the social media networks continue to soar in global popularity. As the ultimate portal for instant communications and media, the social media platforms have played host to some of the funniest signs on the planet. This includes “Facebook is the only place where it’s appropriate to talk to a wall” and “how Tweet it is!”

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  • James – Dude chill out. I would have loved to see some pics of the funny signs too. But you can always google them. Its not that hard.

  • While I appreciate the intent at humor an actual picture of the signs would have been funnier. Instead of having to read about how funny a sign is.

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