Furniture tips – how to buy a high quality couch

Buying a high quality couch is an important undertaking. Such an investment requires smart thinking since your use of such an important furniture will be ideal on a day-to-day basis.

To ensure that you are on the right track when buying a couch for your home, the following tips will help you select furniture that is of high quality:

1. Inspect the Couch’s Frame

A couch with a stout frame is a clear sign that the furniture is durable. When picking furniture material, it is advisable that you avoid softwood such as pine, which might wobble after a short time of usage. Instead, opt for hardwood that is more pricier but durable. The legs of a couch should also be held firmly to the frame with screws or be a part of the frame. Doing this helps you avoid purchasing a couch with a loose frame that makes it weak.

2. Go for Durable Fabric

If you intend to use a couch for everyday use, then consider going for durable fabric. Cotton or linen are good fabrics to consider, though they may also have some drawbacks as they may at times snag. The good thing is that they can be treated for stains but this isn’t considered an easy task. The best fabrics to choose are leather or wool but they aren’t easily affordable. Fabric such as silk may appear to be sleek but can be very fragile. While those that contain woven patterns may wear fast but they are better than those that are made of printed patterns.

3. Inquire About a Couch’s Joinery

A couch that is composed of a frame connected with wooden dowels or metal screws is solid and firmly constructed. At times, a couch may have a reinforcement of glue, nails or staples. But as an advise, never buy a couch that is solely bound together using nails, glue or staples since it is a sign of a weak furniture.

4. Spring Testing

A couch with a supportive spring is much comfortable. The springs should be felt through the upholstery and should also be firmly and closely held together. Otherwise, a couch with no springs feels uncomfortable due to absence of such important features.

5. Cushion Fillings

Cushion fillings made from High-Resilient form are the best for high-end couches. They are quite expensive though they provide the best comfort and are long-lasting. Other fillings such as polyester aren’t expensive but they tend to flatten a little faster, making the quality poor.

To get the best value for your money in purchasing a quality couch, you are advised to look around for couches with the above features.

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  • My parents had the softest most comfy couch in their home. The best place to nap was on that couch. One of my goals in life is to get a couch like that. You have to find the perfect softness that swallows you up. That is my dream couch.

  • I admit that I have picked up couches and other furniture that people have left out on the street. You do have to clean it up a bit though.

  • Edith – my parents had the same couch. But we always had to get our dogs off of it. Great memories on that couch.

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